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CoCart is a free REST API with all you need to decouple your WooCommerce store, build in any web framework, literally everything can be customized and saves you countless hours.

“Tried WooCommerce REST API. Total nightmare. With CoCart, I’m finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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“CoCart makes it easier to build a headless WooCommerce store. Highly recommend and great support!”

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Who’s using CoCart?

These stores and thousands more are using CoCart to run headless.

What is CoCart?

CoCart is a customizable, open-source REST API solution built for WooCommerce that is ready to decouple away from WordPress, allowing you to design and build without limitations imposed by a WordPress theme that is harder to modify and optimize. Our REST API handles all the server side actions so it can be utilized in faster and familiar frameworks that you prefer. Whether you’re looking to build a progressive web app, a mobile application, or a unique web experience, CoCart is here to make it happen.

Why WooCommerce?

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WooCommerce provides a flexible, and efficient way to build cutting-edge stores with WordPress at it’s core. But it was missing a key component to decouple WooCommerce via the REST API for the storefront which is where CoCart comes in.

All you need from a REST-API plugin

Made to support developer freedom without starting from scratch

Is your store slow? Looking to decouple away from WordPress? Overwhelmed with getting WooCommerce working the way you want in your own REST API endpoints?

These are the struggles of web developers trying to decouple a WooCommerce store. With CoCart, you can overcome these challenges and get straight to utilizing a REST API that is ready for you.

Source of Truth

CoCart sources the WooCommerce’s Data Stores API and repeats most WooCommerce hooks to provide a wider array of support for most WooCommerce extensions out of the box.

No Cookie Required

Our session handler generates a key for the user session in the WordPress database and stores session-related meta data for use on the client without the heavy load.

Basic Authentication

No Admin API Keys required. Customers can login with their account either with Email+Password, Username+Password, Phone Number+Password.

Domain Dominance

CORS can be an issue when decoupling so we made sure you have control of the origin.

Your Inventory

Search products by Name, ID or SKU, filter and return product data you need without authentication or private data exposed. REST shortcuts are readily provided for your next requests.

No Headless Checkout?

Load any cart session via the native site using the generated key, if you feel more comfortable using WooCommerce’s built in payment system.

Reduced Cart Checkups

We have avoided the hassle of needing multiple requests to verify item and coupon validity in your cart. Our system efficiently checks stock calculates totals and fees, ensuring real-time accuracy so your responses return up to date every time.

Need your own cart callback?

Register custom callbacks without needing to create a whole new endpoint. Cart response returns once the callback is completed.

Want to track your customers?

Keep watch of all cart sessions, even the ones that are starting to expire or have expired.

Name Your Price Built In

Give your customers control of the price they pay. Encourage your audience to support you with payment flexibility that widens your paying audience.

JWT Authentication

Free add-on plugin allowing you to authenticate via a simple JWT Token after initial authentication.

Developer Friendly

Extendable and Adaptable with over 100+ filters and action hooks to modify or create functionality to your needs.

Community Support

Support for the core of our product can be provided in the WordPress forum or with the CoCart community on Discord.

CoCart is making an API work with WooCommerce more delightful.

Jeff Everhart
Senior Developer Advocate at WP Engine

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The REST-API customers love to decouple WooCommerce stores with

We’re here to help your store breath

Thousands of businesses already agree that CoCart is one of the best REST-API plugins for WooCommerce. It’s more than just a product. We strive to provide stellar support, easy documentation.

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Need more information? Here to help.
Contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Need more information? Here to help.
Contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time.