Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is CoCart?

CoCart is a revolutionary solution – a customizable REST API for WooCommerce designed to seamlessly decouple your online store from WordPress.

Why use CoCart?

CoCart handles the nuts and bolts of making a headless store powered by WooCommerce work along with making various other plugins compatibility that are not designed for headless.

It also supports many commonly used WooCommerce extensions and is customizable in every way possible, giving you the freedom to adapt and extend with ease.

Like WordPress itself, CoCart is also under constant, active development. That means that as the API evolves, you’ll be able to utilise the improvements introduced without major disruptions to your site and your development processes.

Is CoCart for me?

If you are working on a custom e-commerce solution or need to extend the functionality of WooCommerce, CoCart could be a valuable tool for custom development.

While CoCart is designed to be easy to use as possible, it is a tool created specifically for developers.

If you are extending CoCart or simply customizing it to your needs, you will need an understanding of how PHP code works, and a decent grounding in the basics of WordPress (such as ‘Hooks’) to get the most value out of the plugin.

Do you integrate with WooCommerce?

Yes! CoCart is specifically designed for websites that use WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. If your website doesn’t use WooCommerce, CoCart might not be relevant for your needs.

Is CoCart compatible with plugins?

CoCart utilizes all WooCommerce functions and hooks so other plugins that rely on them are compatible.

Some plugins expect certain behaviour when items are added to the cart so we do our best to cover those expectations in a guide should it be needed.

But, with over 50,000 plugins available in the WordPress directory, WooCommerce’s marketplace and others out there in the WordPress abyss, some conflicts may arise. In the unusual circumstance that such an issue occurs, we will always do our utmost to try and resolve those conflicts through our friendly support.

Do you offer support?

Yes we do! If you run into any difficulties, you can ask for help in our Discord server where you will also find a friendly community.

Is CoCart GDPR compatible?

CoCart is a fully GDPR compatible WordPress plugin. We don’t track or store any data ourselves. You can opt-in to share usage data but this is for us to improve the plugin, we don’t store your details come across our servers.

Pre-purchase Questions

How much does CoCart cost?

CoCart comes in two versions: free and Plus. The free version is fully featured, and contains most of the core features you will need to get started building a headless store.

If you’d like to level up, and gain access to more cart abilities such as adding coupons, fees, selecting a shipping method and more, you’ll need to purchase the Plus version.

Do I need to renew my license?

To keep giving you continued access to updates once your license expires, yes, you need to renew your license.

Can I pause my subscriptions?

Yes you can, but please know that when it comes to renewing your license, plugin updates past your subscription will not be available to you.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can safely purchase CoCart with your Credit Card or PayPal through Lemon Squeezy’s secure checkout. If your paying for a one time deal then you have the option to use Credit Cart, PayPal or other payment methods offered to you where you are located.

Does CoCart support multi-site?

CoCart can operate in a multi-site environment. In order to activate your license for each site within the network, the license must accommodate the total number of sites within your multi-site installation. CoCart Elite can help with that.

What if I not using multi-site for separate sites?

Then we ask that you to get in touch and give us a good reason why we should extend your license.

Does the plugin stop working if license expires?

Absolutely not. The plugin will continue to serve you well even after your license has expired. Inactive licenses simply will not receive automatic updates or be given support.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. But you can try the latest version of CoCart online for free by creating a sandbox.

Do your plugins work on WordPress dot com ?

Yes, all plugins work on WordPress dot com for those who have the “Business” plan, which allows installation of plugins.

Installation Questions

How do I install CoCart?

Installing CoCart is just like installing any other WordPress plugin.

See the getting started guide for more.

Can I uninstall?

We can’t imagine why you’d want to, but you most certainly can uninstall.

You’ll need to deactivate CoCart first by clicking on the ‘Deactivate’ link on the Plugins page, followed by the ‘Delete’ link.

This will remove all of the plugin’s files from the WordPress plugins directory.

Please note, it does not deactivate your license and you will need to repeat the process if you have any CoCart add-ons installed as well.

Is it safe to uninstall?

Uninstalling CoCart will not affect any of your store data such as products or orders should you decide to not use CoCart.

Please note, however, your headless store will no longer have access to any of CoCart’s API endpoints and all current cart sessions will no longer exist.

If you are using CoCart specific functions to access data in your plugin files, these functions will no longer exist, and your website will no longer function as expected.

Is it safe to re-install?

Absolutely, however, you may need to run the setup wizard again.

If you run into any troubles, please get in touch.

Updates Questions

Are updates free?

You will need a valid license to receive updates for the plugin.

How do I update CoCart?

CoCart can be updated either via one-click update or manually. When an update becomes available, you will receive a notification on your Plugins page.

To apply the update via one-click update, simply click ‘update now’ in the notification on the Plugins page.

To update manually, you can download the new version of the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. You can then safely delete the plugin directory on your server, and upload the new version via FTP.

For more details please see our guide: How to update CoCart

I can’t seem to connect to the update server?

In some hosting environments, communication may not be possible between your server and the WordPress update server.

If this happens to you, please note any error messages you find, and contact support.

How do I downgrade CoCart?

If you’d like to go back to an earlier version of CoCart, we’d recommend using our CoCart Beta Tester.

Once installed, hover over the admin bar in the dashboard where it says “CoCart Beta Tester” and click “Channel: Beta”. Then you will be given the option to select between Beta, Release Candidates and Stable Releases. Select “Stable Releases” and save.

Hover over the admin bar again and click “Switch versions”. Then you will be given a list of releases to select and switch over.

How do I downgrade CoCart Plus?

All the previous versions of CoCart Plus are available for download from the downloads section of your account. To start rolling back, you’ll need to login, download and unzip the version you’d like to rollback to.

Then, on your website, upload the older version via “Add New Plugin” button.

Please note, however, installing older versions may require downgrading CoCart too, as early builds of CoCart Plus is a add-on plugin only and needs the core of CoCart for it to run.

License Questions

What is a license key?

A license key, also known as an activation key, is a unique alphanumeric code used to authenticate and activate software. It serves as a form of digital rights management (DRM) to ensure that only legitimate users can access and use the software.

It also enables us to control and monitor the number of installations and ensure that users comply with the terms of the software license agreement.

Where can I find my license key?

After purchasing a paid tier, you will receive a unique license key via email and via your CoCart store account with your purchase.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my license?

If you have a subscription, yes you can. Login to your account and you can manage which tier you wish to change to. Otherwise, contact support for assistance.

How do I activate my license key?

To activate your CoCart license, you need to paste your license key into the available space on the page at CoCart > Updates. Then click the ‘Save Settings’ button.

You can find this key on your store account page.

How do I move my license key to another domain?

You first need to deactivate the license key on the domain it was activated on. Then simply activate the license key on the domain you want.

What data is recorded upon activation?

Each time a CoCart license key is activated, the following data is sent to Lemon Squeezy and saved to later validate activation’s and download updates:

  • CoCart license key
  • WordPres site url

No personal data such as site name, WordPress version, site language, timezone, usernames, emails or IP addresses are recorded.

How many times can I activate my license?

The maximum number of “active” activation’s is limited by the license tier. The first two tiers are limited to 1 activation only.

In addition, we provide an extra number of activation’s for “development + staging” websites.

To better understand how we determine if a website is considered a production, staging or development environment, please consult the following ruleset:

  • Dev: Is URL a single segment? (localhost)
  • Dev: Is URL an IP address? (
  • Dev: Does the URL contain a dev related segment? (,,
  • Dev: Does the URL contain a dev-related subdomain? (test., testing., sandbox., dev., local.)
  • Dev: Does the URL contain a dev-related TLD? (.local, .loc, .localhost, .test, .dev)​​
  • Stage: Does the URL contain a stage-related subdomain? (stage., staging.)
  • Stage: Does the URL contain a stage-related parent? (,,
  • Prod: All other URLs.

Remember you can upgrade or downgrade your license at any time, and our support team is always here to help answer your questions!

What if I’m working locally?

If you’re working on a local installation of WordPress then this doesn’t contribute to your limit. This means that you don’t need to deactivate the license key from your local site in order to activate it on the new domain.