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Everything you need to try CoCart and see if making your store headless is right for you. Choose to upgrade later. Promise you wont be disappointed.

No Blocks

The API is designed for the purpose of decoupling. Not blocks for Gutenberg.

Enhanced Session Handler

Our session handler adds support to allow our API the power it requires for any decoupled situation.

Basic Authentication

No Admin API Keys required. Customers have full control, either as a guest or authenticated with their login details.

Domain Dominance

CORS can be an issue when decoupling. Don’t sweat the small stuff. We got you.

No Headless Checkout?

Load any cart session via the native site, if you feel more comfortable using WooCommerce’s built in payment system.

Worried about Caching?

The Cart API does not cache no matter what cache system you have installed for other API’s in use. Responses return fresh every time.

Reduced Cart Checkups

Avoid the hassle of multiple requests to verify item and coupon validity in your cart. Our system efficiently checks stock, validates coupons, and calculates totals and fees, ensuring real-time accuracy before confirmation.

Need your own cart callback?

Register custom callbacks without needing to create a whole new endpoint. Cart response returns once the callback is completed.

Your Inventory

Search by Name, ID or SKU, filter and return product data you need without authentication. REST shortcuts are readily provided for your next requests.

Want to track your customers?

Keep watch of all cart sessions, even the ones that are starting to expire.

Name Your Price Built In

Give your customers control of the price they pay. Encourage your audience to support you with payment flexibility that widens your paying audience.

JWT Authentication

Free add-on plugin allowing you to authenticate via a simple JWT Token after initial authentication.

Developer Friendly

Extendable and Adaptable with over 100+ filters and action hooks to modify or create functionality to your needs.

Community Support

Support for the core of our product can be provided in the WordPress forum or with the CoCart community on Discord.

WooCommerce Extensions Compatible

We do our best to allow extensions to use the API. If we support it or the extension supports CoCart, you will see them listed under our plugin suggestions.

CoCart is making an API work with WooCommerce more delightful.
Jeff Everhart
Senior Developer Advocate at WP Engine

Plus Lifetime

No Subscription


First 150 customers (95 left)


Give your customers more reasons to buy your products and reward them for their loyalty


Give your customers the ability to calculate shipping and select from your available options


Apply additional fees to the cart for any purpose

Subscription Products

Support for adding subscriptions to cart, calculate recurring totals and shipping options

Customer Registration

Let new customers register on your store

Coming in future update

What Our Customers Say

An excellent plugin, which makes building a headless WooCommerce experience a breeze. Easy to use, nearly zero setup time. Harald Schneider

This plugin saved me tons of work and it is working amazingly! The plugin author provides fast and high quality support. Well done! @codenroll

Not convinced? We offer a 14 day refund policy for all purchases. Try our product with confidence, and if you don’t like it, we’ll make it right.

Questions? Answered!

Do I get plugin updates?

Yes you do! Free automatic updates are available to you for lifetime.

Do you offer support?

Yes! If you run into any difficulties, you can ask for help in the Discord server where you will also find a friendly community. Or you can just email me.

Do you offer a free trial?

No. We recommend trying out the core of CoCart (for free).

We really want you to be happy with the base product which is already cart filled with features. We try really hard to make the core of CoCart provide you with everything to get you started.

Will this lifetime offer last for ever?

No. This offer is one time and expires on the 31st December 2023.

Why does it cost so much?

Don’t think of it as a cost but an investment for yourself. The agency tier on subscription is normally priced at $699 per year and can only be used on 30 sites per license.

This lifetime deal is a one time charge and comes with unlimited site activations, access to future add-ons released and continuous free updates.

How do license keys work?

License keys are used to enable plugin updates. After purchasing, you will receive a unique license key (alongside your CoCart plugin download). This key can be activated from your WordPress dashboard’s plugin page. License keys can be activated, deactivated and upgraded at any time.

Can I upgrade my license later?

As this is a lifetime special and not a subscription you cannot upgrade your license. It would be better to pick the one you want on your initial purchase! However, if you reply back using the email containing your order I will give you a special checkout link just for you that will provide you a new license once purchased! But this will only be optional until the end of December 2023.

Do I need to renew my license?

No, this is a lifetime special. You only pay once and your license will never expire.

Do development and staging sites count toward my limit?

Development and staging sites are ignored and do not count towards site activation limit. For example, using CoCart on will count towards the limit, but using it on,,, etc., will not count toward your limit.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. But before you make a decision to purchase. We recommend that you try the core of CoCart (for free) first.

We really want you to be happy with the base product which is already cart filled with features. We try really hard to make the core of CoCart provide you with everything to get you started.

If you do still purchase and for any reason you’re not completely happy, we do offer a 14 day refund policy. To do so, reply back using the email containing your order before the 14 day window runs out or your refund will not be made.

See terms and conditions for further details.

I have another question

For more FAQ’s, please see the FAQ page but don’t hesitate to contact at any time.

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